Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Layer Love Lessons 1.5 & 2

I'm back and with better photos this time! Thank you so much dear Fotodog for your support!

I am having so much fun doing this! Last night we had a thunderstorm roll through while I was painting. My studio is set up in our basement and the sound of thunder was dampened to a soft purr by the cinder block walls. It was awesome!

Lets start with posting a quality shot of Lesson 1:

Acrylic on watercolor paper, 9"x12"

The next piece is my attempt at 'winging it' using what I learned in Lesson 1 and basing it on what I remember seeing in the video for Lesson 2.

Acrylic on watercolor paper, 9"x12"

The last one for today is Lesson 2, completed while watching the videos and using collage elements. The color saturation on this one is just breathtaking!

Acrylic and Collage on watercolor paper, 9"x12"


  1. Your paintings are beautiful. I really love the different shades of blue in this one.

  2. Beautiful intense painting. I feel like I could walk into it.